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Hey Beauty!

I’m Cass and I’m here to transform your life!

I’m a Holistic Health and Fitness Expert who has been working with women for 10 years.

In my experience the fitness industry promotes over training, restrictions and obsessive behaviour. This is a very unhealthy masculine way of 'doing' which leads to breakdowns, burnouts, injuries, body shaming and guilty feels (yep, I've felt them all!)

My passion now lies in coaching women on how to connect to their bodies, work with their cycle and find feminine flow.

I love seeing my clients radiate confidence as they step into their feminine energy and become the Queen they were born to be.

'Working with Cass completely CHANGED. THE GAME. 

I am proud to say I have never been more in tune

with my body and my cycle. 

The cycle education unlocked an unknown world of power and potential in my personal development. 

I now religiously move my body and my work rhythms based on my new knowledge of my cycle and have never felt more confident in terms of body awareness! 

Cass helped me become a QUEEN! It was the greatest gift and investment I gave myself in 2020 and beyond!'


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Titty Talk 

The Podcast 

Conversations  about implants, explants, body image,

femininity & self-love.

If you've got titties you're going to love these intimate conversations. 

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