We all have shitty days, right? You know those days you just don’t want to get out of bed and face the world. You might have woken up riddled with anxiety, stress or angry energy. Maybe you’ve walked out of a shitty meeting, had to talk to an annoying person, kids are driving you mental, partner not doing ANYTHING. Whatever it is you just feel blahhhhhhhh!

Well here’s a few of my quick and easy tips to help shift the crap and lift your vibes.

1.     Move to music

Movement and music are the best shit mood shifters you could ask for. Shaking your hips to your fav hit will literally move mountains. We hold onto a lot of emotions in our hips so the more we can shake, move, jiggle and sway the better. No prior dance experience required.

2.     Blast your favourite song

Sing your little heart out to turn the negative vibrations into positive. Best places to crank out your fav song are in the shower and car. Make sure you tag me in your insta stories. ;)

3.     Laugh out LOUD

Yep laughing also helps uplift your mood (Obvs). Call a funny friend, watch something on TV or google memes. Do whatever gets you to lol.

Love Cass x

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