There is no denying it… life is BUSY!

So here are a few tips to help try a avoid the dreaded burn out.

1.     Screen detox…Fuel yourself up with goodness before you fire up

Keep off your phone until you fill yourself up with something good. Meditation, movement, a few deep breathes, connection time with your family or partner. You have plenty of time to be on your phone throughout the day so try and keep out of stress mode as long as you can.

 2.     Hydrate before you caffeinate

Save your caffeine hit until mid-morning when your body naturally drops in cortisol. Work with the natural energy cycles of your body to avoid extra stress on the body. 

 3.     Feed your soul

Do something everyday that makes you smile; brings you joy and feeds your soul.

Love Cass x

Cassey Maynard1 Comment