Cassey Maynard


Events, Brands, People & Lives!


My mission..

I energise people’s lives through health and fitness in a playful, fun, interactive, and educational way. Life is all about the vibes  and I only go for the good ones. My ultimate dream is to make the world a healthier and happier place by energising the masses with simple energy hacks.



Let me inject my energy and knowledge of Health and Fitness into your team in a fun and interactive way. Fit and healthy employees are more than 3 times more productive than those that are not so that’s why I’m here to help.

Here’s what I can do…

  • Host/MC your Conference/Sales/Meeting days

  • Energise your team on my 10 health tips to a more productive day through 30 minute or 1 hour talks

  • Create written/video content for your employees, clients or customer base

  • OR lets create something I’ve never done!

 Who I’ve worked with: Red Bull, Moet-Hennessy Aust, McKinsey & Co, Property Council of Aust, Ray White, RACQ, Live Hire, NIB Health Funds, Vicinity Centres



I can help create buzz for your brand with fun, genuine and energised content. I’ll connect with your audience on a different level full of energy and good vibes.

Here’s what I can do…

  • Host your events

  • Run competitions and pump up your brand across my social media channels @cassey.maynard

  • Create unique written and video content for your platforms to engage your audiences

  • Takeover your Instagram page and/or Insta stories

  • Be a brand ambassador to help you grow and conquer

    Who I’ve worked with: NIB Health Funds, Women’s Health Magazine, Nimble Activewear, Lululemon, Puma, Seafolly, Oral B, Burts Bees, Camp Quality.

'Cassey’s presence – her energy and warmth – that made the difference between average and exceptional event'

— Mike McKinsey & Co - Corporate client



Let me enter-train your community and see the magic happen - whether it's an intimate gathering or expansive event, smiles will broaden, laughter will be heard and excitement will bubble.

What I can do…

  • Run a fun and immersive group fitness workout

  • Host your Fitness/Health/Travel show

  • Create workouts/educational video content for your Radio/TV/Social media channels

    Who I’ve worked with: NIB Health funds, Vicinity Centres, HIT Network, Channel 7


& Lives!

If you haven’t guessed it by now I’m all about dialling up the energy! Some say it’s infectious! My bubbly personality has helped me build some amazing relationships amongst the community and beyond.

I add a sprinkle of fun to anything I do and have worked as a poster gal for loads of epic brands including Apple, Lululemon Athletica, Cotton On Body, First Base, Puma, Vie Active, Stylerunner, Running Bare, Nimble Activewear and Skins.

I was born in Newcastle, raised in Brissie and now call Bondi home. I’ve travelled the world with Emirates serving chicken and beef to the peeps, but most of my career has been in corporate sales. I’ve sold water, energy drinks and luxury Champagne so I understand how stressful the corporate world can be. My experiences have shaped my life and given me my purpose to enrich the lives of anyone and everyone I come in contact with.

I’ve had so much fun over the last 6 years since I've made the switch to the health and fitness industry, so if I sound like I could be a positive influence on you and your team/clients/customers feel free to get in touch…



This is my life in pretty pictures. If I look like your vibe get in contact...