Stress, anxiety, working long hours, moving less, eating more, shitty sleep, zero energy and the work hard, play hard way has just become something we have all just got used to...🙃⁣

Back in my corporate days I experienced all of the above and so much more. I still remember those Sunday night anxious feels like they were yesterday. The dread of having to get up and go to work for another hectic 40++ hour week. Back then I would party hard all weekend to disguise the pain and emptiness I felt inside too which definitely didn’t help!⁣

Anyone with me? ⁣

It’s taken me many years to work out what truly lights me up, what feeds my soul, brings me joy, gives me energy and grounds me. ⁣

My advice is to let go of the ‘control’ and the ‘doing’ and find those moments of being every day. Slow down, breathe, meditate, tune in so you can connect with you soul.

This is where the true magic is!

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