Updated: Sep 24, 2020

From the moment we are born we are learning and we are growing. ⁣

We learn the basics first. How to eat, drink, walk, tie our shoelaces, read, write and even ride a bike.⁣

But what about everything else we learn from a young age?⁣

Our reactions and behaviour patterns, how we express (or suppress) our emotions, the way we show and receive love and even the way we show up as our authentic self.

All of these ways of being continue throughout our lives and can impact our way of living in so many ways. ⁣

Are you the jealous type and just can’t shake the crazy feelings and reactions you have? This could have steamed from when you were a child and your bro got more attention from your parents than you. Crazy right?!!!! ⁣

That’s why I LOVE kinesiology because it releases trapped emotions so you feel more balanced and connected to your true self (the way you were born into this world, not the way you have been conditioned)⁣

I’ve been working with kinesiology for over 4 years now and I’ll never stop because I’ve found a method that’s helped me transform into a healthier, happier and more balanced human ⁣

It’s helped me shift negative thought patterns and pains. It’s helped heal past wounds. It has given me the clarity I need to step into my own power. ⁣

Have you tried it before? 

Watch my Energise Your Life event where I chat with Zoe Bosco all about this!

Love Cass x

Cass Maynard

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