Love and light ✨

This pic was taken a few weeks after moving to Byron Bay. After just a short amount of time my soul landed in this new space and I felt so many shifts.

From new branding and website to launching my first programs, new communities and friendships. Setting strong boundaries and embodying my divine feminine energy. Things have certainly changed around here. And as I continue to shed layers and release the lost/stuck feels I’ve felt for so long, I recognise that I’ve lived a life of such distraction. I’ve been stuck in scarcity and fear for far too long.

I’ve compared my journey to others and always felt so disappointed by my own.

I’ve tried to fit in the ‘box’ but felt restricted and more confused than ever.

I’ve done things a certain way to keep the peace and stay on trend!

But truth is... I am different I am unique I am quirky I am doing it my way I am doing it in my own time.

My soul came here to share my unique message and wisdom so you’re going to see a few changes around here.

I’d love you to stick around but if I don’t resonate anymore please kindly delete or mute me on instagram.

I’m not holding on to how many followers I have, or how many likes I get. I want to help inspire and lift the vibration of the collective and I feel fully supported by the universe, my tribe and myself right now. I am safe I am loved I am abundant I AM READY 👸🏼

Is there anything you need to shed in light of Scorpio season? Remember death equals a beautiful rebirth☀️

Love Cass x

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