Slow down to tune in!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

We spend so much of our lives masking our true selves.

We ignore, distract, deflect and suppress. 

We take drugs, drink too much, mindlessly scroll social media, overeat, overtrain, binge watch TV and even hang out with people that make us feel like shit, just to fill in time. 

Spending time alone, in stillness and silence is what we need to help peel back the layers

We need to feel uncomfortable for personal growth.

Allowing all emotions to arise and feel all the feels.

This time will help you work out who the fuck you truely are what you want from your life, what you deserve and what your true purpose is. This is soul speaking! 

My suggestion is to take time out for YOU with NO distractions. 

Switch off the telly, close your laptop, turn your phone on aeroplane mode and sit in that uncomfortable silence, meditate, breath, feel what comes up and just slow down to uncover your truth within.

Without slowing down and tuning in you will miss all the messages and downloads that are trying to reach you.

Love Cass x

Cass Maynard, Women Empowerment Coach

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