Take it slow...

How do you slow down?

Be honest with yourself!

Do you consistently...



Use breathing techniques?

Move your body without a trainer telling you what to do?

If your answer is no, then you’re spending too much time in your head; your masculine energy. You’re disconnected from your heart and body; your feminine energy.

This way of ‘doing’ can lead to overthinking, overworking, overwhelm, overreacting, stress, anxiety and generally feeling lost in life... shall I go on?

You need to find time everyday to tap into your feminine energy; your body.

This way of ‘being’ will connect you to your heart, body and intuition, life will feel more in flow. (Not like your pushing shit up hill 💩)

Music, Meditation, Movement are all my vibe.

Here’s a few ways you can get started...

1. Surrender in Child’s Pose listening to a chill song at the end of your day

2. Close your eyes and move your body to music, move in a way that makes you feel amazing

3. Sit in stillness focusing on your breathe

Don’t overthink this, just do it.

Love Cass x

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