Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I really don’t get it! 

Restrictions and calorie controlled ways of eating drive me absolutely bonkers.


The closest I’ve ever been to having an eating disorder was when I started working in the fitness industry about 8 years ago. 

I felt like I needed to be perfect, have abs, train intensely everyday and never touch the naughty stuff (or at least say I never did) to be a respected trainer. ⁣⁣


For me this time in my life was SHIT and a big fat lie. 

This is not me and it’s certainly not how I live my life. 

Now I always share myself as a balanced person. I love to be fit and healthy but I also enjoy pizza, red wine, cheese and so much more of that sweet sweet goodness.


I never would calorie count again because it creates obsessive behaviour and takes the joy away from eating and I also would never overtrain again because it causes so much stress on the body which made me one very sick girl.⁣⁣


Now I’m not saying to go smash a tub of ice cream and never train hard again, I’m saying tune into your own body and stop listening to all the fads.⁣


  1. Try new ways of being and make small changes. 

  2. Follow inspiring but not unattainable people on social media 

  3. Surround yourself with positive people that don’t pull you or themselves down

  4. Stop looking for the quick fixes in life.

  5. Stay consistent and enjoy how you move your body and PLEASE love the naughty stuff without the guilt or shame! ️⁣

Love Cass x

Cass Maynard, Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Coach

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