Updated: Sep 24, 2020

It’s taken me a long time to finally create my own biz, because like so many other women I was conditioned to hide my true self and just follow the crowd. 

Cassey Maynard

From a young age I felt I wasn’t good enough. 

I wasn’t smart enough. 

I wasn’t inspirational enough.

I also always worried about what people thought of me. I thought I’d be judged for what I said or did. 

It’s these beliefs that have held me back for so long and it’s only over the last few years of working on myself that I’ve discovered WTF has been going on. 

I now do regular healing sessions, kinesiology, daily meditation and journaling and surround myself with people that lift me up.

I’ve been pretty average at everything my entire life. I’ve never been exceptionally good at one thing, but now I know I’m bloody great at making people happy, injecting energy into people’s lives, making people smile, feel comfortable, confident and just fricking fabulous. And that’s how my business was born!

So it’s time for me to turn around, share my light, sparkle from within and sprinkle good vibes on the world.

My tip for you is to slow down, tune in and connect with your truth. 

Follow the things that light you up and feed your soul.

Don’t follow the crowd because you think you should.

Only do what serves you.

YOU can do anything.

You are enough and so am I!

Love Cass x

Cassey Maynard, Women Empowerment Coach

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